Chemo – Cycle 1

My first day of chemo was June 11, 2018. Since the powers that be were a little disorganized in getting me ready for chemo, my first treatment was delivered through IV in my lower right arm. The infusion went well and I had no reaction to it. Waking up on Tuesday I felt strong, so I went to work. It was going to be an easy day anyway because it was 8th grade promotion. I just needed to check my first period in and then march them down to the gym for promotion practice. Once in the gym the organizers of the event could take over and I could monitor student behavior. All went well until the actual event that night. During promotion I started feeling pressure in my lower left side of my head and light headedness. My principal ended up driving me home in my car and with the dean of students following behind us to take her back to school. My husband, Jeremy, was home by the time I got there. We grabbed a bite to eat and then went to the ER to get me checked out. A busy ER caused us to wait two hours for a private room for me. Since I am a cancer patient on chemo, I get private rooms when I go to the ER. Once I was in the room they got me hooked up to fluids through an IV, did a chest x-ray and a CT scan of my head. The CT scan was to rule out the spread of the caner to my head. All test came back clear. I was also diagnosed with a urine track infection so they shot me with antibiotics through my IV and sent me home with a prescription for antibiotics. We didn’t leave the ER until 2:00AM so Jeremy stayed home with me Wednesday. By 1:30 PM on Wednesday I started feeling hot. I took my temperature, 100.8. We had to go back to the ER due to the high temperature. They gave me liquids through IV and sent me home. I was beginning to realize just how important it is to be hydrated. As the week progressed, I learned that I was allergic to the antibiotic they had me on. My port was implanted on Friday and that took some getting use to. Day 8 treatment went well. On day 7, 8, and 9 of my cycle I take a medication that is a steroid drug to battle bone and joint pain. By day 10 I was experiencing heartburn and irregular heart rhythms. My resting heart rate by Friday was in the 120’s. Back to the ER we went. After a chest x-ray, CT scan and fluids through IV I was sent home. Continuing into the weekend I caught a cold. By Monday, I told my husband I was going to quarintine myself and stay home and rest. Well, here is what that day of rest ended up looking like. I made Jeremy and I our morning smoothies, packed his lunch, sent him out the door, did the dishes from breakfast, took everything off of the counters in the kitchen, wiped down the counters and range, cleaned the sink, made our bed, folded laundry and put it away, made a task wall, called our rental office to put in some work orders, made a dentist appointment, followed up with my doctors office about my Friday night ER visit, washed the bathroom mats in both bathrooms with towels, swept the floor in both bathrooms, vacuumed our bedroom the girl’s bedroom and the hallway, let the maintenance guy in to fix three items, reconnected with three friends on the phone and watched three episodes of a show. How is that for a day of rest?! My energy level and motivation continued the rest of the week. Reflection on cycle one – if the energy level and motivation I had during this first cycle continues, then bring on the chemo.

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