Song Playlist

Here I Am – This song speaks to my attitude about the journey I am on. When I heard the news that my cancer was back, I just thought “Okay, God, How are you going to work in me through this?” I didn’t get angry with God or ask why is this happening to me. I hunkered down and said, “Let’s do this!” I believe God has a plan for everything and can use any situation for His glory.

Bring the Rain – This song represents my life verse, James 1:2-3. God has brought me through a lot of difficult circumstances. Despite the circumstances that we go through, God’s character never changes. In the same regard, my favorite line from this song is “Can circumstances possibly change who I forever am in you.” Just because we go through hard times that should not change my attitude towards God. His love for us never fails, neither should mine for Him.

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